CD DVD Networking

Our CD/DVD sharing and archiving solutions make it easier for you to store and distribute CD- and DVD-based content and software throughout your organization. Our products help improve the ease of storing data on these mediums, and make it simpler to retrieve important data as you need it.

DakotaRAID-LPis a Linux powered Network Attached Storage & CD/DVD Caching Appliance. Just attach it to your existing network and within minutes you're ready to share RAID protected CD/DVD images and data files to Windows, UNIX, Linux and Macintosh clients. DakotaRAID-LP delivers advanced features at entry-level prices for applications such as CD/DVD content sharing, disc-based software installation, network CD/DVD burning, file serving, disk-to-disk backup, online archiving, data collection, disaster recovery, and email retention, just to name a few.