Microsoft Optimization

Our Microsoft optimized storage solutions are designed to efficiently integrate with business-critical applications such as Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint that demand large amounts of high performance and low latency storage, as well as data protection

  • Nimble Storage-

    Nimble Storage thinks that storing, accessing, and protecting your data shouldn't be so complicated and expensive. So they developed breakthrough architecture that combines flash memory with high-capacity disk to converge storage, backup, and DR for the first time. The bottom line: high-performance iSCSI storage, instant backups and restores, and full-featured DR - all in one easy-to-manage solution for 60% less than you're paying now. Nimble Storage CS-Series iSCSI arrays combine flash memory with low-cost, high-capacity drives, eliminating the need for expensive, high-RPM drives for primary storage and separate disk-based backup solutions. By converging storage, backup, and disaster recovery into a single solution, enterprises can significantly cut costs, reduce complexity, and implement a complete disaster recovery solution.
    The Nimble CS-Series delivers the following benefits:
    • Flash-Accelerated Primary Storage Performance
    • Instant Backups and Restores
    • Application-Integrated Data Protection
    • Fast Offsite Disaster Recovery
    • Dramatically Simplified Management
    • Unparalleled Reliability
    • 60%+ Lower Capex
  • StorSimple

    The StorSimple product line is deployed in the data center, and overcomes the challenges associated with cloud storage services, enabling organizations to take advantage of the benefits of cloud storage as though it was data center storage resource.
    StorSimple products provide the following benefits:
    • Integrated elastic volume expansion through cloud connectivity and thin provisioning
    • Automatic movement of data between tiers including the cloud using BlockRank
    • Integrated near-instant offsite backup and recovery of data
    • Pay-per-use disaster recovery solution
    • Simultaneous connectivity to multiple cloud accounts and providers