Disk Based Data Protection

When it comes to protecting your data, disk-based backup is a sound, affordable solution-no matter the size of your business. Made possible by reliable, high capacity, and cost-effective SATA and SAS disk technology, disk-to-disk data protection greatly accelerates the backup process, enables continuous protection, and provides near-instant data recovery and on-line access to replicated data. Disk-based data protection is both an alternative and complimentary solution to tape drive technology. Disk is now the medium of choice for backup and continuous data protection targets, while tape media makes more sense for an additional off-site copy of your data. After all, data restorations are made from recently backup jobs, and when you need reduced Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), disk-based solutions are the most efficient and cost-effective.

  • FalconStor CDP-Complete Protection for Files, Applications, Databases, Operating Systems, and Physical or Virtual Servers.Continuous data availability, efficient recovery from any type of data loss FalconStor® Continuous Data Protector (CDP) is a disk-based, in-network continuous data protection solution that provides comprehensive backup, rapid disaster recovery (DR), and remote replication to enable continuous data availability for UNIX, Linux, and Microsoft Windows environments, ensuring high performance and stability for even the most demanding business environments. This solution supports application-specific data protection for most business applications including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and others. Capabilities include:
    • Automating complex disaster recovery processes via RecoverTrac™ technology
    • Protecting your data multiple times a day
    • Restoring your files, emails, applications, and systems back to the most recent transaction
    • Supporting "green" storage initiatives by minimizing bandwidth requirements
    • Consolidating your recovery point objective (RPO) to mere seconds
    • One platform for physical, virtual, local, and remote backup and recovery.

    • No vendor lock-in
    • Restore entire systems in under ten minutes
    • Recover and retrieve lost files in two minutes
    • Bring back enterprise-wide email applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes in three minutes.
    • Highly flexible deployment

  • FalconStor VTL-Virtual Tape Library with Deduplication Drives the Fastest, Most Scalable Disk-based Backup,Performance, reliability, scalability. FalconStor® Virtual Tape Library (VTL) is the industry's market-leading virtual tape solution, unmatched in performance and scalability. With virtual tape, backups complete faster and more reliably, with little or no change needed to the backup environment. Sophisticated physical tape integration and data deduplication complete the solution. Designed as an enterprise-class application, FalconStor VTL can support small and ROBO environments through storage appliances and small-footprint virtual appliances, and is also available as a high-availability (HA) clustered solution.
    • Backup speeds up to 12GB/sec
    • Concurrent reduplication rates of over 500MB/sec per node