Scale out Storage

Scale-Up storage enables you to expand the capacity of your existing system by adding more disks to the existing controller heads. In many situations, the need to expand storage capacity requires the need to increase performance. Scale-out storage solves this problem by enabling you to seamlessly add additional systems to your existing storage pool and increase processing power as you expand capacity. Please contact us for assistance!

  • Scale Computing
    Scale's Intelligent Clustered Operating System (ICOS) is a multi-protocol, unified and easily scalable technology that brings enterprise-class file and block-level services to the SMB. Offered on a growing, multi-density, multi-tier, interchangeable line of truly clustered, non-controller-based Storage Nodes, ICS represents the next shift toward third-generation storage.

    ICOS is a scale out architecture. It uses software to create a global namespace across all nodes in the cluster, thus creating a single cluster with virtually unlimited scalability. ICS is unique in that it includes both file and block-level services. While data is stored at the file level, it is striped across all nodes in 256K blocks. This highly parallel architecture allows us to deliver enhanced performance by combining the I/O performance of all disks, network interfaces and processors in the cluster.