Solid State Storage

Solid state storage uses semiconductor devices to store data rather than spinning media. The advantages are clear: superior performance, lower latency, and reduced power consumption. Whether implemented as direct storage, dedicated SAN volumes, Auto Tier-0 storage, or cache for SATA/SAS-based systems, solid state technology improves the speed at which users access data. Solid State technology is fast becoming an integral component in the design of storage systems. Consider solid state storage for the benefits it delivers.

  • Nimble Storage- thinks that storing, accessing, and protecting your data shouldn't be so complicated and expensive. So they developed breakthrough architecture that combines flash memory with high-capacity disk to converge storage, backup, and DR for the first time. The bottom line: high-performance iSCSI storage, instant backups and restores, and full-featured DR - all in one easy-to-manage solution for 60% less than you're paying now. Nimble Storage CS-Series iSCSI arrays combine flash memory with low-cost, high-capacity drives, eliminating the need for expensive, high-RPM drives for primary storage and separate disk-based backup solutions. By converging storage, backup, and disaster recovery into a single solution, enterprises can significantly cut costs, reduce complexity, and implement a complete disaster recovery solution.
    The Nimble CS-Series delivers the following benefits:
    • Flash-Accelerated Primary Storage Performance
    • Instant Backups and Restores
    • Application-Integrated Data Protection
    • Fast Offsite Disaster Recovery
    • Dramatically Simplified Management
    • Unparalleled Reliability
    • 60%+ Lower Capex