Unified Storage

Network Attached Storage is designed to separate storage resources from network and application servers, in order to simplify storage management and improve the reliability, performance and efficiency of the network, thus increasing the overall productivity of your organization.

Network Attached Storage devices attach directly to your existing LAN. A file system is located and managed on the NAS device and data is transferred to clients over industry standard network protocols, using industry standard file sharing protocols (SMB/CIFS, AFP, NFS or HTTP). This intelligence on the NAS device enables data sharing among heterogeneous network clients.

  • DakotaStor-LX2- is a flexible Linux-based unified network storage appliance, powered by Open-E DSS and provides easy-to-manage NAS and SAN (iSCSI and Fiber Channel) functionality in a single box. Once attach to your network and within minutes provide high performance, reliable, and simple-to-manage file and block level storage for heterogeneous network environments.

  • DakotaStor-WP2 - is a flexible unified network storage appliance powered by Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, the latest in Microsoft® storage technology and provides easy-to-manage file and block level storage, as well as print services from the one appliance at a low cost of ownership.
    DakotaStor-WP2 is a cost-effective, high performance, versatile storage appliance that delivers seamless interoperability, solid reliability and simple-to-manage storage resources for heterogeneous network environments. Just attach it to your existing network and within minutes you can provide NAS shares and iSCSI targets to Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh clients. Gateway models enable you to provide NAS and iSCSI capability for existing SAN storage or design a scalable, highly available unified storage appliance.