Data transport Acceleration

Protecting your data locally is one challenge for organizations, but moving this data to an off-site disaster recover location is another. Bandwidth is expensive and spending money on a bigger pipe to improve your data recovery objectives may not be necessary. Our Data Transport Accelerator solutions move data over your existing WAN (Wide-Area Network) infrastructure more efficiently by optimizing data replication applications from leading vendors

DakotaXL is a WAN optimization appliance that accelerates TCP-based data replication and file transfer applications over IP WANs. Powered by award-winning Hyper-IP software, DakotaXL provides a highly efficient data transport for critical storage replication environments, especially in cases where packet loss, congestion and/or latency exist. The flexible architecture enables you to scale from 2 to 800 Mb/s bandwidth within the same appliance. For data migration applications, you can simply rent a license and increase your bandwidth only for the time period necessary to complete the data move.