Direct Attach Storage

Direct Attached Storage (DAS), is cabled directly to a server or workstation in your office. DAS is still the simplest and least expensive way to solve your dedicated storage needs. Our JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks) storage requires a PCI-Based RAID controller or HBA in the host system and RAID functionality is provided by the host controller. Our RAID-Based solutions are available in single- or multi-protocol interfaces and enable you to create a Storage Area Network (SAN), without the need for additional storage network infrastructure, and RAID functionality is provided by the DAS storage system.

  • Heritage DS, featuring sixth-generation RAID technology, 6 Gb/s backend SAS architecture, and data protection services, is a high performance entry-level storage system.Data Service features and options such as Thin Provisioning, Snapshots, Local Volume Copy/Mirroring, and Remote Replication provide flexible storage planning and data protection.Heritage DS meets your bulk and critical data storage needs by delivering performance, capacity, reliability, and data availability in a simple affordable package.

  • HeritageXA EBOD (Expandable Bunch of Disks)SAS disk arrays provide high performance storage resources at an affordable cost. Designed for performance, scalability, redundancy, and low cost, HeritageXA EBOD gives you the flexibility to create a reliable cost-effective tiered SAS storage solution in one or multiple enclosures. As your capacity needs grow, simply add another EBOD to the existing array.

  • TigerHawk 2600, featuring the latest in 6 Gb/s SAS back-end technology, are mid-range storage systems designed for performance, data availability, flexibility, and scalability. By delivering all this in a simple and affordable package, TigerHawk 2600 meets the exploding data storage needs of today's IT departments.